OUR LATEST CASE: Licence IV Case of Cans

Licence IV is more than the right to serve; it is the right to congregate, the right to celebrate the labor of our vineyards, the right to laugh and to be free, and to imbibe to our hearts content! Licence IV is the right to party! It is part of an effortless world, where taking it easy is taken seriously.


cases for a cause

A portion of the proceeds from every case sold goes to support The James Beard Foundation’s ongoing efforts to help the food & beverage industry navigate the COVID-19 pandemic through funding, resources, advocacy training and more.  Thank you for joining in our support of this important cause.

Cases in point

Case Made took the stress out of my wine shopping which can be overwhelming with options.  It was amazing to have experts curate a box for you so you can simply enjoy the wine.

Isaac C. in Santa Monica

And just like that, I have wine!

Rebecca M. in San Rafael

Tout le site est clair, facile à utiliser, une plaisir a naviguer. J'ai hate de voir les prochaines offres. (The whole site is clear, easy to use, a pleasure to navigate. I can't wait to see the next offers.)

Anthony P. in San Francisco

I love wine, and often don’t know what’s the best option. Having an expert pick for me is exactly the service I’ve been waiting for.

Darah W. in Danville

Welcome to Case Made!

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