Chardonnay for Days

Chardonnay for Days

Let's unpack this case!

Gouffier Bourgogne Chardonnay Cuvée Roche 
Gouffier Cuvée Roche is the sophisticated addition to the dinner table we need right now. Classic and refreshing, it’s the Sean Connery of Chardonnays. So if you’re looking to wash down your chicken casserole with the confidence of a British secret agent, ordering a martini in a fitted tuxedo, look no further. Up and coming vigneron, Frédéric Gueugneau, who's taken the reins at the Gouffier estate, has got your back!

Dominique Cornin Beaujolais Blanc Les Salonnieres 
The vinous reverie we usually associate with Beaujolais can conjure scenes of red wine chugging and turkey slurping, unsuitable for the rightful designation this Cornin Beaujolais Blanc carries as White Burgundy.  Not that we disagree with the enthusiasm, but one sip of this single-vineyard, biodynamically farmed Chardonnay will have you once again worshiping at the orchard fruited, tension toting, wine glass twirling altar of Burgundy’s southernmost region: Beaujolais.

Markus Altenburger Chardonnay vom Kalk 
The romance of Chardonnay and limestone could beguile Shakespeare. It’s a soil found all over France that’s composed of prehistoric stockpiles of ancient marine life. Millions of years ago, the oceans covering modern-day Europe knew nothing of political boundaries. Thus our beloved Romeo (or is it Juliet?) finds an all too likely, yet unsuspecting home on the eastern border of Austria, where the young vigneron Markus Altenburger has managed a terrifically zippy, citrus fruited wine from his local patch of ‘kalk,’ or, you guessed it, limestone.

Garnier & Fils Petit Chablis 
We promise every bottle of this Garnier Petit Chablis comes in a full-sized, 750mL bottle. In fact, there’s nothing petit about the flavor you will find from this organic expression of Chardonnay from one of Burgundy’s northernmost, and most under-recognized appellations. Yup, it’s a place, not a description, and it’s just as seriously textured, and mineral chiseled as all the other sized Chablis. Pairs great with chicken. Pairs amazingly with petit chicken.

6 - B O T T L E   C A S E   I N C L U D E S 
2 x Gouffier Bourgogne Chardonnay Cuvée Roche 
2 x Dominique Cornin Beaujolais Blanc Les Salonnieres 
2 x Markus Altenburger Chardonnay vom Kalk 

12 - B O T T L E   C A S E   I N C L U D E S 

3 x Gouffier Bourgogne Chardonnay Cuvée Roche 
3 x Dominique Cornin Beaujolais Blanc Les Salonnieres 
3 x Markus Altenburger Chardonnay vom Kalk 
3 x 
Garnier & Fils Petit Chablis 

S H O P   T H E   C A S E   H E R E


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