Red, White & Bubbles

Red, White & Bubbles

Let's unpack this case!

Château Godard Francs Côtes de Bordeaux 
Even if you weren't already contemplating the question, Château Godard is definitely the answer! For example, “what smells like cedar and violets and pairs well with anything off the barbeque?” Or, “what is red wine supposed to smell like?” Or maybe it’s, “how do I accept the tragedy of existence while also appearing cultured and sophisticated to my loved ones?” Château Godard.

Château du Cèdre Blandine Le Blanc 
Ugni Blanc and Colombard might sound like dubious secret agent code names, but they are actually the grape varieties at play in this floral and refreshing white wine. It’s perfect for keeping your cool after you’ve infiltrated an enemy base, or karate chopped a weapon from a bad guy’s hand. And because it’s from southwest France, there's a hint of Atlantic salinity, so you can cruise into your weekend like you’re on that stolen yacht.

Clos de la Briderie Cremant de Loire Purete de Silex 
Preferred everywhere by hipster bartenders, break-dancers and elegant ladies alike, this is the sparkling wine that’s right to rejoice in, because it’s farmed in the most conscientious, earth friendly way we know: certified biodynamic. And it’s from France’s Loire Valley. It’s bright, floral, and melon fruited wholesomeness for the family (or maybe just for you). Go ahead, let your life sparkle.

Domaine Laporte Sancerre Rosé 
Wondering if someone might want to drink a Rosé from Sancerre might be like asking if you’d like to add complimentary avocado to your burrito order. Yes, please. We definitely do want some of that organically farmed Pinot Noir from a world class Sancerre estate. We’re quite interested in imbibing a terrifically tart fruited wine during our BBQ days ahead. The answer is yes, please.

6 - B O T T L E   C A S E   I N C L U D E S 
2 x Chateau Godard Francs Cotes de Bordeaux 
2 x Blandine Le Blanc 
2 x Clos de la Briderie Cremant de Loire Purete de Silex 

12 - B O T T L E   C A S E   I N C L U D E S 
3 x Chateau Godard Francs Cotes de Bordeaux 
3 x Blandine Le Blanc 
3 x Clos de la Briderie Cremant de Loire Purete de Silex 
3 x Domaine Laporte Sancerre Rose 

S H O P   T H E   C A S E   H E R E. 

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