Burgundy B-sides

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The motherland of some of the finest wines in the world. Discover what's hidden down the back roads of Burgundy and find out why everyone around the wine world is on an endless exploration of this sacred land.  These are white wines with rich texture and mouth-watering acidity, and red wines with perfume and vibrant, crunchy flavors.  Drink these with your favorite game birds like duck, roasted chicken, and turkey.  Try these with lighter fare too, like grilled bass and salmon, beets and mushroom dishes, and put your favorite cheeses to the test! 

6 - B O T T L E   C A S E   I N C L U D E S
2 x Taupenot-Merme Bourgogne-Aligoté 
2 x Charles Audoin Bourgogne Rouge 
2 x Paul Janin Brouilly 

12 - B O T T L E   C A S E   I N C L U D E S
3 x Taupenot-Merme Bourgogne-Aligoté 
3 x Charles Audoin Bourgogne Rouge 
3 x Paul Janin Brouilly 
3 x Dominique Cornin Macon Chaintre Les Serreuxdieres 

C A S E   S T U D Y
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