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C A S E   C O N T E N T S
6-bottle case includes one bottle of each wine 
12-bottle case includes two bottles of each wine 

  • Storm Point Chenin Blanc
  • Berthet-Bondet Savagnier
  • Charles Hours Cuvée Marie Jurançon Sec
  • Altenburger Blaufrankisch vom Kalk
  • Niepoort Dão Rótulo Tinto
  • Clos de l'Ours Le Chemin

C A S E   S T U D Y

Let's unpack this case! 

Storm Point Chenin Blanc
If Chenin Blanc were a song, this version from South Africa would be a rum-boat churning, Ska-band cover!  Trumpeting savory citrus notes, dazzling saxophone-spunk orchard fruits, and an electric current of distorted guitar noodling saline and acidic punch, skanking its creeper footed way through the party like a rebellious American teenager in the late 1980s. Great with everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to scallop carpaccio!

Berthet-Bondet Savagnier
Savagnier is the cool, quirky Aunt you never see, whose visits are always memorable, and who smells like...green olives and tropical lime fruits? While some wines hailing from this Eastern French region bordering Switzerland can be richly oxidized, this example is fresh, with a robust mineral streak typical of the Savagnin varietal. Next time you see her, thank your dear Aunty for teaching you Cribbage and Rummy when you were 8 years old, and brace yourself for yet another funky experience (hopefully involving a chunk of Comté cheese)!

Charles Hours Cuvée Marie Jurançon Sec
Up against the Pyrenees, on the border between western France and Spain, sits the brilliantly unique Basque country. Complete with a singular language, culture, and of course, wine. On the French side, Jurançon is world-famous for tremendously tropical dessert wines, yet lesser known for its snappy, dry fermented whites, like this Cuvee Marie.  It’s like the cool alter ego of Toucan Sam - tropical aromatics, yes, but also tart, bright, and...not for kids!

Altenburger Blaufrankisch vom Kalk
If we told you that Blaufrankish is the Austrian-German word for “a fleeting nostalgia and simultaneous uplifting joy associated with tasting a wine of perfect black cherry fruit supported by an elegant scaffolding of chalky tannin,” would you believe us? No? That’s good because really it’s just the name of the grape varietal that goes into this charming red wine from Austria’s southwest corner!

Niepoort Dão Rótulo Tinto
Take me to Portugal. Stuff me with sardines. Sing me your saddest Fados and ply me with wines from the granite hills of the Dão. Let me languish in the black pepper, balsamic aromas. Set my dreams to the high altitude Touriga Nacional vines.  Shower me in black fruits, red fruits, and forest mists. Take us all away, Rótulo. Take us to Portugal.

Clos de l'Ours Le Chemin
For most people, Provençe is a mecca for Rosé wine production, but for those of us more dedicated to the road less traveled, we’re drinking red wine! Like a piercing red planet shining bright against a Rosé solar system, Clos de l’Ours (yes, they also make Rosé) Le Chemin is a savory, structured, garrigue scented reprieve from the constant wash of pink wine that dominates the region. Starring the intrepid trio of Mourvèdre, Grenache, and Syrah!

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