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While all of us are sheltering-in-place at home, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some finer wines that revitalize your palate and stimulate your well-being.  Open these wines with a great cookbook and transport your favorite restaurant right into your kitchen.  We all miss that perfect combination of food and wine, served by our favorite chefs and sommeliers, so why not recreate the feeling at home?  Drink these now, or lay them down to age. Either way, polish up your favorite glassware, pop these corks, and turn isolation into rejuvenation. 

3 - B O T T L E   C A S E  
includes one bottle of each of the following wines: 

  • Morey-Coffinet Saint-Aubin Blanc 1er Cru Les Frionnes 
  • Arnaud Mortet Gevrey-Chambertin 
  • Chateau des Eyrins Margaux 

6 - B O T T L E   C A S E
includes one bottle of each of the following wines: 

  • Morey-Coffinet Saint-Aubin Blanc 1er Cru Les Frionnes 
  • Arnaud Mortet Gevrey-Chambertin
  • Chateau des Eyrins Margaux 
  • Saint-Chamant Millesime Blanc de Blancs 
  • Garnier et Fils Chablis 1er Cru Montmains 
  • Santa Duc Gigondas Les Hautes Garrigues 


C A S E   S T U D Y
Let's unpack this case!

Morey-Coffinet Saint-Aubin Blanc 1er Cru Les Frionnes 
Drinking 1er Cru Burgundy is a tough job, but in these challenging times we all need to do our part. The clarity of vision, mineral depth, and sheer opulence expressed by a single vineyard like ‘Les Frionnes’ could be a lot of enjoyment to handle for the uninspired. To the home cook bold enough to bust out a sole meunière, or roast trout in tarragon cream sauce to match the beauty of this Saint-Aubin, we salute you!

Arnaud Mortet Gevrey-Chambertin 
True heroes are strong, yet they understand their power. The village of Gevrey-Chambertin is known to produce rich and meaty red wines, sometimes with massive tannins, yet under the meticulous care of born and bred Burgundian, Arnaud Mortet, they find balance and elegance. It doesn’t hurt that he’s following the lead of DRC and Domaine Leroy by farming biodynamically and eschewing all mechanization in the vineyard. Drink now, with duck or quail...or age for a decade.

Chateau des Eyrins Margaux 
It seems we can’t get enough of cheap imposters these days. They crowd our headlines and fill our shopping carts. In that regard, we have great news; Château des Eyrins Margaux is 100% authentic, made by people who know exactly what they are doing. From a tiny parcel adjacent to Chateau Margaux this Cabernet Sauvignon dominant wine from Bordeaux’s left bank is regrettably genuine, if you’re into that savory, fresh, red cassis and purple plum, sort of thing.

Saint-Chamant Millesime Blanc de Blancs 
Champagne is always there for us. As Napoleon Bonaparte once famously said, “In victory you deserve Champagne. In defeat, you need it.” In this case, we raise our glasses in one such defeat, to honor the life of Christian Coquillette, winemaker at Saint-Chamant for over 50 years, who succumbed to his battle with Coronavirus in early-April. His expressions of Grand Cru Chardonnay from Chouilly are among the best the region has to offer, and perfectly reflect the generosity, humor, and passion of the late Monsieur Coquillette.

Garnier et Fils Chablis 1er Cru Montmains 
1er Cru Chablis is the N95 mask of Chardonnay–you can have a bottle, but don’t tell anyone where you got it! This gem, made by brothers Xavier and Jérôme from the Montmains vineyard, won't keep you safe from any airborne maladies, but it’s sure to stave away oaky chardonnay fatigue and is known to prevent against lack of minerality in meals. Some users also report lip-smacking acidity and extreme enjoyment when taken alongside Gratinéed Scallops.

Santa Duc Gigondas Les Hautes Garrigues 
The migration of certain butterfly species will span multiple generations before reaching their destinations–a concept not so unfamiliar to families like the Gras, who have farmed the same properties in Gigondas for five generations. Grenache and Mourvèdre are the caterpillars, Les Hautes Garrigues the butterfly of bright black cherries, wild herbs, and fluttering fresh tannins. We hate to admit it, but it’s written all over our faces: we have butterflies in our stomachs over this Rhône beauty.


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