About us

For nearly a decade, the idea of launching a direct to consumer platform in California has been growing in our minds. We have a lot of thirsty friends and fantastic wines to share.

Thus Case Made was created with a simple idea: making great wines available to all, without the analysis paralysis or worry of selecting the wrong bottles. We wanted our friends to have the chance to enjoy real wines from real farmers and vignerons, easily available at home, at all times.

Not only has our team built wine programs at the country’s beloved top restaurants, we’re also importers and distributors. We work directly with producers and great portfolios at home and abroad. The style of wines we select is distinct, with quality and deliciousness always at the forefront.

Case Made is also about convenience. We curate wines weekly and offer them in 6-bottle or 12-bottle cases around themes ranging from seasonal cuisine to new releases to special occasions. Cases are delivered Tuesdays through Fridays in temperature-controlled trucks throughout the state of California.

Welcome to Case Made!

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