A Summer of Dry Riesling

Case Size

C A S E   C O N T E N T S
6-bottle case includes one bottle of each wine 
12-bottle case includes two bottles of each wine 

  • Leitz Eins Zwei Dry Organic Riesling
  • Von Hovel Saar Riesling Trocken
  • Dandelion Vineyards Enchanted Garden of the Eden Riesling
  • Heinrich Spindler Riesling Trocken
  • Franzen Quarzit-Schiefer Riesling Trocken
  • Dreissigacker Organic Riesling Trocken

C A S E   S T U D Y
Let's unpack this case! 

Leitz Eins Zwei Dry Riesling Organic
Like a German bobsled team counting off their launch, this wine will catapult its way through the twisted ice run that is your taste buds. Rounding corners with peach and grapefruit finesse and darting down the hatch with a pineapple saline dry finish!

Von Hovel Saar Riesling Trocken
Fermented in a cellar that has been used continuously for wine production for over 800 years (yes, actually 800 years) and from blue slate vineyards that are some of Germany’s coldest, this wine is a barely ripened, 11% alcohol, white peach skin wonder with a mineral kaleidoscope finish that’s perfect for indoctrinating new members into the dry-Riesling drinkers club.

Dandelion Vineyards Enchanted Garden of the Eden Riesling
Give in to the forbidden fruit that is Elena Brooks' perfectly dry Southern Australian Riesling. Indulge in its zesty lemon-honeysuckle aromas. Feel the pleasure of its bone-dry acidity. Sinful feelings abound, there’s no sin in drinking from this Garden of the Eden... 

Heinrich Spindler Riesling Trocken
When Sontag Spindler moved from Burgundy, France to the Pfalz region of Germany in 1620, he knew well what a Grand Cru vineyard looked like. Generations later, Markus Spindler hasn’t pulled back the family foot from the gas pedal one bit, producing actual world-class Riesling, floating with delicate white floral and green apple aromas fit for a Burgundian King!

Franzen Quarzit-Schiefer Riesling Trocken
The Bremmer Calmont is considered the world's steepest vineyard, located on the banks of the Mosel river in Germany. To farm these grapes, the Franzen family uses a roller coaster cart to access the vine rows, much like the roller coaster of crunchy saline and tropical fruit flavors that your tongue will take with every sip! 

Dreissigacker Organic Riesling Trocken
Dry Riesling is the way. A code of conduct, a beverage of human civility and achievement, a drink of the people! When Jochen Dreissigacker took the reins of his generations-old family estate, he had seen the light, and now makes the most delicious nectarine-laden, silky-textured, 
dry Rieslings the Rheinhessen has to offer.


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