A Taste of Portugal

Case Size

C A S E   C O N T E N T S
6-bottle case includes one bottle of each wine 
12-bottle case includes two bottles of each wine 

  • Niepoort Docil Vinho Verde
  • Niepoort Rotulo Branco
  • Niepoort Nat Cool Tinto
  • Niepoort Twisted Tinto
  • Niepoort Vertente Tinto
  • Niepoort Dry White Port

C A S E   S T U D Y

Let's unpack this case! 

Niepoort Docil Vinho Verde
Vinho Verde is the new kale salad. We won’t debate the health benefits (it's really good for you) but now is your chance to jump on the bandwagon before everyone else obsesses over it. It’s a region on the north coast of Portugal, it can be made with many grape varieties, but this one is 100% Lourerio and 100% delicious in a refreshing, thirst quenching, sort of way.

Niepoort Rotulo Branco
Rotulo captivates you quickly. It’s glowing golden color, as if it had been left outside all summer to charge up its straw-like hue, will set the hook, while white floral and stone-fruit flavors flood your nostrils and underlying streaks of saline escape your tongue like happy memories from your mind. Made from nearly forgotten native Portuguese varieties, it’s a white wine you won’t forget.

Niepoort Nat Cool Tinto
Made to be consumed fresh, preferably while engaging in some sort of radical activity (hang gliding, hover boarding, or simply high-fiving all qualify), Nat Cool is a self-proclaimed, "no rules" sort of wine that ironically fulfills our #1 rule: that a wine be delicious.  Even if you haven’t heard of the Baga grape from which it’s made, you’ll find familiarity as aromas of rose petals and fresh red strawberries seduce your senses.

Niepoort Twisted Tinto
The only thing twisted about this wine is how well it conveys the mineral freshness of the high-altitude schist stone vineyards from which it grows and how effortlessly it has preserved the kaleidoscope of ruby red fruits you might expect from a port wine. But make no mistake, this is a dry and delicious table wine that’s perfect for meatless Monday meals or “no meal necessary” drinking!

Niepoort Vertente Tinto
Vertente Tinto is a veritable [Japanese Tea] garden. The precision and symmetry between savory and fruity is masterful and effortless. Every pebble of mineral flavor has been raked into alignment; every taste of red cherry, a cherry blossom set in perfect harmony with its surroundings. It’s ruby hue, a reflective koi pond that begs you stay, sip, reflect, and enjoy...

Niepoort Dry White Port
Dry White Port is going to make you look good, even if it’s just to yourself. You will be so impressed (with yourself) when you mix up a Porto Tonico, combining twice as much tonic as port, with a fresh mint and orange wedge garnish, that you might even put out a plate of almonds and hard cheeses, pairing perfectly with the nutty sweet aromas of your cocktail, all the while earning you a couple more points where it counts.  Because you are awesome...


Customer Reviews

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Rebecca M.
5 Stars!

This may be my favorite Case Made yet! I love the variety included in the 6 bottle case, and the recipe card include for the Niepoort Dry White was a nice touch. A Porto Tonico will definitely be my drink for the summer!

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