Burgundy B-sides

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The motherland of some of the finest wines in the world. Discover what's hidden down the back roads of Burgundy and find out why everyone around the wine world is on an endless exploration of this sacred land.  These are white wines with rich texture and mouth-watering acidity, and red wines with perfume and vibrant, crunchy flavors.  Drink these with your favorite game birds like duck, roasted chicken, and turkey.  Try these with lighter fare too, like grilled bass and salmon, beets and mushroom dishes, and put your favorite cheeses to the test! 

6 - B O T T L E   C A S E
includes two bottles of each of the following wines:
- Taupenot-Merme Bourgogne-Aligoté 
- Charles Audoin Bourgogne Rouge 
- Paul Janin Brouilly 

12 - B O T T L E   C A S E 
includes three bottles of each of the following wines:
- Taupenot-Merme Bourgogne-Aligoté 
- Charles Audoin Bourgogne Rouge 
- Paul Janin Brouilly 
- Dominique Cornin Macon Chaintre Les Serreuxdieres 

C A S E   S T U D Y
Let's unpack this case! 

Taupenot-Merme Bourgogne-Aligoté 
Some day, when you’re sick of drinking Chardonnay from Burgundy (never), you can take a well-earned break and drink some Aligoté! That’s right, Aligoté is the other white grape of the region and it's been cultivated there for centuries. Generations ago, due to its high acid profile, it was the wine designated to make a kir (white wine mixed with creme de cassis). Fast forward to a rapidly warming planet and many Burgundian vintners are dedicating more attention to the humble varietal, making bright, nuanced, and simply beautiful White Burgundies from Aligoté. Specifically, the folks at Taupenot-Merme are making the case with this luscious, mineral-laden white wine, perfect for a whole roasted chicken with root vegetables.

Charles Audoin Bourgogne Rouge 
Now that springtime is here and we are all stuck sheltering in place, we’re going to need a winemaker who has taken the bird songs, beach days, birthday barbecues, and verdant rejoice which we are now watching through our windows, and bottled it. Cue winemaker Cyril Audoin whose takes on the fresh and fruity 2018 vintage has done just that. This wine is pure joy, with enough bright cherry-fruited-shimmer to put some spring in your step (even if you’re just walking to the back door to let the dog in again). Also, it is a great excuse to check in on your salmon roasting skills, maybe this time with fennel and lime?

Paul Janin Brouilly 
In one version of the multiverse, when the Kool-Aid man crashes through the wall, he's filled with 2017 Paul Janin Brouilly. Because there’s enough polished dark berry fruit and lip-smacking acidity to this wine that it’s going to feel like that kind of party. Full disclosure, this juice is not suitable for children. Adults only, because we know that Gamay grapes, grown in the granite soils of Beaujolais’ southernmost appellation of Brouilly, fermented in whole clusters, always makes for a wall-busting red wine!

Dominique Cornin Macon Chaintre Les Serreuxdieres (only included with the 12-bottle case)
Great wine is simple and pure. Like when you hear your favorite part of the song, or a distant memory makes you smile, it’s an enjoyment that sneaks up on you. Sometimes we chase those moments, and other times we open white burgundy from Cornin. There’s nothing cerebral, just unfettered energy, in a glass. Never mind that the wine is produced on a biodynamic estate, from a single vineyard of 100-year-old vines, it’s scrumptious--no oak, stone savory aromatics, and texture for days! Now that you have the wine, you can worry about making the scallop ceviche...

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