Cru Monplaisir Bordeaux Superieur Cru Monplaisir

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Bordeaux is the Stephen Curry of wine regions. Even the haters agree: both changed the game forever. Curry showed us the power of the three, and Bordeaux brought us completely new standards of quality, production, and aging potential--modern revelations that the rest of the players had no choice but to follow (granted for Bordeaux it was in 1800s). When you think about it, this Cru Monplaisir from Bordeaux stands on the shoulders of giants. And we’re drinking these on the regular (and only partly to lament the current lack of NBA)! The wine is dry and robust but has enough fruit to please the crowd. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the pairings. Roasted chicken, beef stir fry, frozen pork dumplings--the ball is going in from wherever you shoot.

Category: A Case of the Mondays

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