Domaine de la Bergerie Anjou Rouge La Cerisaie

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Everyone has their steak-night rituals, but the clandestine pairing professionals aren’t telling you is that your rib-eye is begging for a bottle of Cabernet Franc. This is a grape every bit as delicious as it’s big brother (Cab, Cab Sauv… say what you will, just don’t call it ‘frisco) but with an extra dollop of savory to bring out the beef in your dinner. Our version, produced organically in the Anjou appellation of the Loire Valley, is textbook. That’s right, schools are closed but class is in session! First new vocabulary word: pyrazine. Impress your friends. Pyrazine is the term winemakers use to describe the aroma of green peppers in a wine--a classic trait of Cabernet Franc.

Category: A Case of the Mondays

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