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Become a natural!  As with most of our wines, these bottles come from vineyards and growers that only use nature's finest: grapes, yeast and some TLC.  The 6-bottle case includes two red wines and a Pét Nat.  The 12-bottle case adds a Vinho Verde with a light, refreshing spritz.   All of these wines are lower in sulfites and lower in alcohol and are generally more alive on your palate.  Respect your palate and your planet this Earth Day, and drink natural wines!

6 - B O T T L E   C A S E 
includes two bottles of each of the following wines:

  • Domaine du Séminaire Côtes du Rhône 
  • Henry Marionnet ‘Premiere Vendange’ Gamay 
  • Tour des Gendres Pétillant Naturel 

12 - B O T T L E   C A S E
includes three bottles of each of the following wines:

  • Domaine du Séminaire Côtes du Rhône 
  • Henry Marionnet ‘Premiere Vendange’ Gamay 
  • Tour des Gendres Pétillant Naturel 
  • Niepoort Nat'Cool Branco (1L)

C A S E   S T U D Y
Let's unpack this case! 

Domaine du Séminaire Côtes du Rhône 

Domaine du Séminaire is magical. Situated on the foothills of the alps, among truffle oak trees and lavender fields, where the Pouizin family has farmed olives and grapes for four generations.  To capture a natural wine from such an idyllic setting is like bottling the scenery from The Sound of Music. It’s a bottle of Grenache from which you could never tire. True, beautiful, cool climate, violet perfumed goodness.

Henry Marionnet ‘Premiere Vendange’ Gamay 
We want you to know that drinking wine with lunch is okay. That’s not just a shelter-in-place exception, it’s forever and always. One of our favorite wines to pop at noon is Première Vendange. Without any additives whatsoever, it’s just gamay from old vines, organically farmed since the 1960’s deep in the forests of Touraine. Beyond its perfectly fresh cherry fruits, the wine carries the energy of the place from which it came. Even your acupuncturist would approve! Refresh your palate, and your spirit.

Tour des Gendres Pétillant Naturel 
For those of us too afraid, too cool, or perhaps too busy to embrace the free-spirited mindset that leads to skinny dipping, random adventures in the sunshine, and making new friends, fret not! Tour des Gendres Pet Nat is all of those wines under one convenient crown cap! It has it all: organic farming, with zero sulphur added, made from Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc that’s bubbly, fresh and fun.  No need to commit to the lifestyle, just have a glass occasionally!

Niepoort Nat'Cool Branco (1L) (only included with the 12-bottle case) 
Nat Cool Branco is the James Dean of Portuguese wines. Rebellious in its commitment to natural production, but made in the old-school style of Vinho Verde: low in alcohol with some intentional spritz in the bottle when you open it. It’s suitable for such rebellious acts as slip-and-slides, picnics, or showering.  Other possibilities include drinking with salt cod, olives, and cured ham.

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