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C A S E   C O N T E N T S

6-bottle case includes one bottle of each wine 
12-bottle case includes two bottles of each wine 

  • Château Maupague Côtes de Provence Rosé Cabaret
  • Licence IV Rosé
  • Clos de la Briderie Crémant de Loire Rosé Pureté de Silex
  • La Dentelle Bugey Cerdon Rosé
  • Leitz Pinot Noir Rosé
  • Clos de l'Ours Côtes de Provence Rosé l'Accent

C A S E   S T U D Y
Let's unpack this case!

Clos de la Briderie Crémant de Loire Rosé Pureté de Silex
Biodynamic is definitely a buzzword in the wine world these days. It involves farming that goes a step beyond organic in its ecological considerations and follows a harvest calendar dictated by the moon.  The translation is responsible farming, and delicious wine. Clos de la Briderie does all that, and bottles it with bubbles! The wine is both earthy, and aromatic, and makes an amazing counterpart to fresh goat cheeses, maybe even on a beet salad?

Licence IV Rosé
Drink Rosé like it’s an act of rebellion.  Like every electrifying fistful of pale pink Grenache is an ally in the know, the fight, for your party! Having fun won’t solve the world’s problems, but pink grapefruit and strawberry-hued wine can certainly help with morale. So, as they say, kick it over here baby pop, drink Licence IV Rosé, and let all the fly skimmies feel the beat, mmmmmmm, drop!

Château Maupague Côtes de Provence Rosé Cabaret
They say Cézzane had his mountain...We say so does Château Maupague! Cézzane painted the jagged limestone peaks and windswept pines of Mont Sainte-Victoire obsessively, from every angle, in every color.  At Chateau Maupague, which sits at the mountain's base, they stick to pink. Flatness coexists with depth, the life of the landscape, suspended in broad brushstrokes of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah.  No docent necessary, just a glass (and perhaps some cheese).

Leitz Pinot Noir Rosé
This is the sporty Rosé. The one who goes jogging after work and wakes up early to play tennis on Saturday mornings. It’s precise, and refreshing, and is made by our favorite Rheingau vigneron, Johannes Leitz. Also, it’s Pinot Noir! Have a glass with dinner, or pour it over your face as you cross the finish line. Either way, note the delicate cranberry and watermelon aromas...

Clos de l'Ours Côtes de Provence Rosé l'Accent
The Provence region is a proverbial Rosé factory, producing nearly half of all the cheap, chuggable Rosé in France.  While there are occasional exceptions to the superiority of artisanal production (i.e.Heinz Ketchup, or Pop-Tarts), one sip of ‘l’Accent Rosé by Clos de l’Ours and we’re convinced by the merits of quality over quantity!  It doesn’t get more artisanal than a single vineyard, farmed biodynamically by a husband and wife team deep in the pine and oak forests of Provence.  It’s got way more perfume, texture, and pleasure than your average Rosé!

La Dentelle Bugey Cerdon Rosé
How about a guilt-free guilty pleasure? This sparkling Rosé from eastern France is so scrumptious, with just a touch of residual sugar, that it feels like you're getting away with something.  The truth is that you're drinking a completely natural wine, from a single, organic hillside vineyard. It’s like Bob Dylan writing songs for Brittney Spears, and the extra sweetness is a perfect match for fiery Szechuan cuisine (or for chocolates after dinner!).

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