Taupenot-Merme Bourgogne Aligote

Case Size

Some day, when you’re sick of drinking Chardonnay from Burgundy (never), you can take a well-earned break and drink some Aligoté! That’s right, Aligoté is the other white grape of the region and it's been cultivated there for centuries. Generations ago, due to its high acid profile, it was the wine designated to make a kir (white wine mixed with creme de cassis). Fast forward to a rapidly warming planet and many Burgundian vintners are dedicating more attention to the humble varietal, making bright, nuanced, and simply beautiful White Burgundies from Aligoté. Specifically, the folks at Taupenot-Merme are making the case with this luscious, mineral-laden white wine, perfect for a whole roasted chicken with root vegetables.

Category: Burgundy B-sides

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