Vino, Vidi, Vici – A Taste of Italy

Case Size

C A S E   C O N T E N T S

6-bottle case includes one bottle of each wine 

12-bottle case includes two bottles of each wine 

  • Il Mostro Longana Terre di Chieti Rosato Frizzante
  • Cardedu Vermentino di Sardegna Nuo
  • Borgo Paglianetto Verdicchio di Matelica 'Terravignata'
  • Migliarina Montozzi Chianti Superiore
  • Poggio Anima Belial Sangiovese
  • Venditti Benevento Rosso Pitra


C A S E   S T U D Y

Let's unpack this case! 

Il Mostro Longana Terre di Chieti Rosato Frizzante
This wine is so cool recipients must wear vintage Ray Bans during its consumption. Yeah, it’s Italian, and it's a Pet Nat.  Does it get cooler? Uh, yeah, it’s also a natural wine.  James Dean would look like a dork compared to you, casually swirling a few of these rhubarb scented, raspberry flavored bubbles into your glorious lips.  Seriously, single-vineyard Montepulcianos are so hot right now...

Cardedu Vermentino di Sardegna Nuo
The right amount of skin contact is the recipe for success—not that type of skin contact, we’re talking about grape skins!  Left in contact with the grape juice during fermentation, the extra step gives this Sardinian wine a savory lift. It’s got the salty freshness you expect from an island wine with an added bouquet of sage, basil and rosemary aromas. 

Borgo Paglianetto Verdicchio di Matelica 'Terravignata'
Matelica is a town in Italy, perched in the mountains above the Adriatic coast, which bears no relation whatsoever to the American metal band.  Unless of course you consider how white wine from Matelica and Metallica are both wicked awesome! So dust off your sleeveless tees and Ride The Lightning of some mandarin fruited, saline smitten Italian white wine. And because it’s made from the Verdicchio grape, pair it with a Radicchio salad!

Migliarina Montozzi Chianti Superiore
Oh beautiful Sangiovese! Sturdy and reliable as a Roman soldier, graceful and beautiful as Venus descending from the heavens. You can imagine, as you sip this single-vineyard expression, Michelangelo enjoying the same red cherry fruits, or DaVinci whiffing a similar tomato leaf and white pepper aroma of a grape they say started it all. It’s the Italian wine of Italian wines!

Poggio Anima Belial Sangiovese
Suitable for your next seance or dark magic gathering, this wine is named Belial—one of the four crown princes of hell. Indeed there’s something sinister to the depth of its cherry fruits. And aromas of Iris and lavender that could tempt the strongest of wills. And then there is the intoxication. Pairs perfectly with the apple that snake gave you.

Venditti Benevento Rosso Pitra
Venditti Pira has answered the burning question deep in all our hearts—which wine do I drink with my pizza? THIS ONE. It comes from just outside Naples—the actual birthplace of pizza, smells like olives and rosemary, and tastes like plums and berries! But for the love of all things pure and beautiful, no pineapples on your pizza, please.

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